Cynthia Waldow.  #wip #rabblerouser #feministasfuck

I usually work in acrylic and am a self taught artist.  

I vary between abstract, still life and portraits of monsters and sweets. 

My favourite artists are Joan Miro, Craig Stephens and Noriko Fox.  

I continue to work on perfecting skin tones and hope one day my hand portraits will have more to say than four letter words.  

I often paint with my vice of choice, m&m's, beside me.

My inspirations are found everywhere, from childhood candy to feminism and politics.

I often take my own reference photos.

I hope my pieces make you smile, cringe or both.


Past lives include selling metal furniture, working in a abattoir,

playing roller derby, being a nurse.

Present life includes managing Necessary Arts Company, restoring Ash & Thorn Farm, playing hockey, creating IRL the art that I see in my head.



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